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  • WOMAD 2017

    WOMAD Charlton Park Malmesbury, England July 27-30, 2017 The WOMAD global music festival has mostly been immune to bad weather during its 35 year history. World Of Music, Arts and Dance traditionally occupies the last weekend of July, which mostly guarantees a good scorching. There was the notorious W... [ read more ]
  • Mike Stern: What A Trip

    "I never trip. I just don't. But then, it just happened." This is how Mike Stern began his story as he explained to my wife and I how it happened. If you somehow missed it, "it" refers to the tumble Stern took in July of 2016. This accidental fall resulting in both shoulders being shattered. In addi... [ read more ]
  • Jelly Roll Morton Front and (Lincoln) Center

    With a three-night gala celebrating the music of m: Jelly Roll Morton, the Jazz at Lincoln Center orchestra marked its 30th season at Rose Hall. Focusing on Morton's pioneer arranging achievements with amplifications of them from Jazz at Lincoln Center performers, the evening offered a pe... [ read more ]