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  • Green Mountain Jazz

    In observation, analysis and overall discussion of Burlington Vermont's vibrant music scene, the jazz demographic is all too often overlooked. But the vibrant undercurrent of the genre in the Queen City is like that which bubbles under in our culture at large, always present, usually noticeable with... [ read more ]
  • Bobby Zankel and Odean Pope: Homage to John Coltrane 2017

    Bobby Zankel Warriors of the Wonderful Sound Featuring Odean Pope Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts 50th Anniversary Homage to John Coltrane Philadelphia, PA July 21, 2017 Fifty years ago, almost to the date, m: John Coltrane passed away at mid-career. In an all too brief... [ read more ]
  • The Seth Yacovone Blues Trio At Red Square

    The Seth Yacovone Blues Trio Red Square Burlington, VT July 16, 2017 On this warm, breezy summer evening outside Burlington Vermont's Red Square, The Seth Yacovone Blues Trio's first of three sets was sufficiently moving and diverse to satisfy like a concert complete unto itself. Yet the threesome's... [ read more ]